Bensam’s ultra modern vehicle inspection centre to open in Takoradi

The CEO of BENSAM AUTO SERVICES, Mr. Sam Leo-Andoh presents to the general public and the people of Takoradi and the entire Western Region their Ultra Morden Vehicle Inspection and Road Worthy Centre. The new centre will open on the 1st of September, 2019 and is Located at Effia near Takoradi Gas or CDH. Please click here for directions.

The centre can boost of a four-lane Inspection centre with Ultra modern Testing equipment capable of reducing the Roadworthy waiting time to about 20 minutes. The hassle-free nature of the centre coupled with good customer services and highly trained staff will enable all customers to return to our centre for better services once experienced.

The CEO feels Takoradi deserve better services in roadworthiness hence his effort to bring the ultra-modern centre and amongst other things. There are periodic educational approaches and teaching sessions about vehicle safety and related topics done in all our centres. We believe this educational approach will enhance drivers experience in driving and help reduce accidents on our road.

Bensam has always engaged in the practice of educating driver’s whiles they wait for their vehicle to be inspected. We offer feedback to our customers irrespective whether they pass or fail the vehicle inspection.

The centre will be opened for services to the general public on the 1st of September, 2019. We, however, invite 60 vehicles for a trial period between 24th to 28th August 2019.

We welcome all feedback and these need to be channelled to the CEO on 00233-249143418. You can also click here to find our other inspection centres across Ghana.