Inspection Process

Every year, the number of vehicles on Ghana’s roads continues to rise and similarly the risk of accidents. Regular inspections to your vehicle is important in maintaining safety for all road users. At Bensam, our experienced inspectors, take your vehicle through the inspection stages below. You can also find out more about our inspection process here.

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 1 - Above Carriage Check

An inspector carries out visual checks on Vehicle identity (number plate, engine and chassis numbers), Lighting equipment (headlamps, stop lamps, front and rear lamps, direction indicators, etc), Bodywork, Vehicle modification/accessories, Road wheel and tyres, General items (seat belts, horn, windscreen, safety devices, etc)

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 2 - Exhaust Emission Test

Checks exhaust emission level of petrol driven vehicles. A probe is inserted into the exhaust pipe to collect gas sample for measurement. Exhaust emissions are potentially dangerous. This test helps to ensure that road vehicles remain properly serviced, and have relatively clean and efficient engines.

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 3 - Alignment Test

Checks front wheel alignment. The lateral movement of the front wheels is measured as the vehicle is driven over the side-slip tester. Suspension and Shock absorber Test checks the front and rear wheels for suspensions loose or worn out capacity of your vehicle. The suspension helps your vehicle absorbs the shocks of potholes and bumps.

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 4 - Brake Test

Determines efficiency of brakes The brake tester is used to measure brake performance, efficiency and drag force. Test results are automatically registered. Test instructions and results are displayed on the overhead indicator board.

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 5 - Under Carriage Check

Checks the condition of car parts and components. Vehicle is driven over an inspection pit for visual checks on: Chassis, Exhaust system, Suspension system, Steering system, Brake system, Leakage, Corrosion.

vehicle inspection centre

Stage 6 - Headlight Test

Determines proper alignment and focus of headlamps. The headlight aimer is used to measure the luminous intensity and the horizontal and vertical aim of each headlamp at high beam. Test instructions and results are displayed on the overhead indicator board.

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