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Fire Extinguisher Tips

Never keep Fire Extinguishers exposed to the sun rays. Exposing the Fire Extinguisher to the sun can cause explosion which can harm you or damage your Vehicle. It is important you take note of where you store your Fire Extinguisher. Never keep them in the boot of your car.

It is important you keep them under your car seat or in your glove compartment. In the unfortunate event of your car being on fire, the electronic components on your car system seizes causing your car boot to be locked and therefore rendering you incapable to get to your Fire Extinguisher in the boot.

Regularly check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher. If you find out that it has expired but it is refillable type, have it refilled by the recognised agent for less than your initial purchased price.

Always keep a Fire Extinguisher in your vehicle.