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Tyres Do Expire

Please check the tyre you are buying to establish whether the tyre has not expired yet before parting with your money. There are no expiring date on tyres however there are manufactured date.

They appear in a four digit format. The first two digits represent the year the tyre was manufactured and the second two digits represent the week the tyre was manufactured.

For tyre users in Ghana, to establish whether the tyre they are buying or using has expired, add 4 years to the manufacture year. If the total figures does not exceed the current year or the year you wish to use the tyre, it means the tyre has expired. The year is written only with the last two digits and the week’s two digits is also added to the year.

See example below.

Manufacture year and week is written in this format below
(02 31)
The year is 2002 and the week is 31st. Week.