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Winter Tyres

As its name suggest winter tyres are meant for winter conditions (snow). They are known as category “C” tyres and not allowed to be used in Ghana or hot temperature areas. They have different traction compared to the category “A” or “B” the conventional tyres.

For Ghana, the law does not permit category “C” tyres to be used on our cars. When you use a category “C” (snow tyre) in Ghana, you increase your braking distance by 7 meters. These type of tyres also have the tendency to consume more fuel because of their higher rolling resistance.

It is important to know that the rubber used in winter or snow tyres is softer which cause the winter tyre to wear off quicker. Don’t be deceived by the design of the winter tyre. It does not mean the winter tyres last longer on higher temperature.

Watch out for the snow sign above when purchasing tyres.